Anti-Greeting Cards: A Rising Trend

Greeting cards are nothing new. In fact, according to Wikipedia, the custom of sending a card to express sentiment can be traced back as far as ancient China, when folks would send cards to each other to wish a prosperous new year. The idea of sending a card, especially to folks in the UK and US (though it’s growing in popularity in other countries, too), is practically a reflex. Birthday? Send a card! Christmas? Have a card! New job/house/baby/whatever? Card, please! More recently, a new trend has emerged that we are – naturally – on board with: the anti-greeting card.

The Rise of the Anti-Greeting Card

Mocking people getting pregnant is an example of an anti-greeting card

An anti-greeting card is, by definition, the opposite of a traditional greeting card. While greeting cards are commonly used to express positive emotions to those you care about, the anti-greeting card has somewhat of a more tongue-in-cheek approach.

These cards are still often used to communicate feelings to people, but they are usually presented in a rude, crude or otherwise plain silly fashion. These kinds of offensive birthday cards can get a laugh out of the right person!

Rude Birthday Cards

By far the most popular (non-seasonal) greeting card sent in the world today is birthday cards. So it only makes sense that there will be a fair amount of offensive birthday cards available out there!

This card from LimaLima (available on Amazon) is an example of a rude birthday card
This LimaLima card, like many rude birthday cards, jokes about old age

Rude birthday cards usually make a joke about age. Also, cards aimed at partners or spouses often have crude, sexual undertones.

Rude Congratulations Cards

Sometimes people will take the opportunity to send a rude or offensive card at a point of celebration. For example, these can include new babies, new jobs…just about anything!

This offensive card from cards-hit is an example of an offensive congratulations card
Here’s a really racy congratulations card from cards-hit

Rude congratulations cards take what is a positive event and add a little extra spice! Because of their nature, rude celebratory cards only really work if both the sender and the receiver enjoys that kind of “banter”.

Rude Christmas Cards (and Other Seasonal Cards)

Christmas cards are far and away the most popular seasonal greeting cards. Because of this, there’s also a fair share of rude and offensive Christmas cards popping up all over the place.

Check out this naughty little Christmas card by Yellow Blossom Designs.

Again, these naughty Christmas cards aren’t for everyone, but you’ll know if your family, friends, or loved ones will appreciate getting a rude Christmas card when December rolls around!

The Anti-Greeting Card Movement

We here at the Anti-Greeting Card Company are trying to fulfil our own wants and desires when it comes to naughty, rude, and offensive greeting cards. While we hope that other people like our cards, we ultimately created them for ourselves.

Of course, we understand that anti-greeting cards aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some people will find them horrendous, in fact. But we’re not here for them. We’re here for the people who take a little bit of pleasure in receiving a card with something rude on it!